How to register on the Portal

How to register on the Portal

To register on the Global Grant Community Portal:


1.     a) Go to to access the homepage

b) Click on the “GGC Portal Access” button on the far-right hand side of the homepage

2.     Fill in the registration Application form

NB: Please ensure that the entry on the administrating entity as well as legal entity is filled in correctly. Do reach out to should you require any clarity on this.

3.     Submit the form by ticking the boxes

4.     Email confirmation​

5.     Confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email address

6.    The GGC secretariat will then process your registration application and be notified upon    successful completion of the registration process.

7.   Once you receive an email from that your registration is successful, proceed to login, update permissions and roles and add additional users within their organization

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