How to view GFGP Status for other Organizations

How to view GFGP Status for other Organizations

To view the status of other organizations; The Funder/Grantor would be required to:

1.       Register on the GGC Portal

2.       Buy/Have assessment credits to invite the interested organization to share their assessment

If you are only registered and do not have assessment credits, you will only be able to view the list of organizations in the portal directory and whether they have a pre-certification assessment available but not the details of the assessment and report.

If you have assessment credits you can invite your interested organization via the portal, who will then share their assessment and you will be able to view the details, including the tier and the report.

Kindly note that the tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) are not rated by the system but represent the level at which an organization has completed the GFGP assessment.

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