GFGP Standard & Obtaining the Standard

GFGP Standard & Obtaining the Standard

The GFGP standard contains over 300 clauses relating to best practice in financial management, human resources, procurement and governance of grant awards.
It is essential for users of the standard to understand that it is structured into four cumulative tiers of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This means that for an organization to be compliant to the Silver Tier they must meet all the requirements of both the Bronze AND Silver Tiers. Hence, for Gold compliance they must meet all the requirements of Bronze, Silver AND Gold Tiers of the standard, and to be compliant at the Platinum Tier they need to meet the requirements of all the clauses in the standard.

The purpose of having four tiers in the standard is to provide a tier which accommodates the requirements of organizations of different sizes and complexity receiving awards of differing size and complexity. This can better illustrated with the following examples: - 


Bronze Tier

Silver Tier

Gold Tier

Platinum Tier

Award Size





Organizational Type

CBO’s / CSO’s


Larger NGO’s / INGO’s

Global NGO’s


Regional / County Level

Across one or more countries or states

Continental / International


Sub Awarding





The GFGP Standard is now available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.The copyright of the GFGP standard is assigned by the African Academy of Sciences(AAS) to the African Organization for Standardization (ARSO) and copies of the standard can be downloaded from the web sites of the National Standards Bodies which have adopted the standard, namely: - 


Web address

Cost (USD)





As part of the compliance process to become certified to GFGP, organizations will need to demonstrate to the auditors they have procured a copy of the GFGP standard.

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