How to access Procedures,Policies & Processes (PPPs) templates

How to access Procedures,Policies & Processes (PPPs) templates

To ease the pain in the development of documented many of their procedures, processes and policies, within the “shared folders” archive in the GGC portal there is a library of procedures, processes and policy templates. If an organization needs to create a procedure, process or policy document, they can download the template which is the closest match to their requirements, customize it for their organization and then upload into their “my documents” folder in the portal. Although there are 59 clauses in the GFGP standard requiring a policy, in practice one policy may cover several clauses. Our experience is 22 policies can cover the 59 clauses requiring a policy. The PPPs templates can be downloaded by:

1.      Log into the portal

2.     Click on Document library on the window that pops up;

3.     Click on Shared documents, while on Shared documents;

4.     Scroll down to choose the template of your choice or use the search function for a quick search

5.     On the right-hand side click on the download button to download the template of your choice



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