GFGP Certification Process

GFGP Certification Process

1.     Pre-Certification Stage

             1.1.          Registration

Register your Organization on the GGC Portal  via or Log in if already registered via


             1.2.         Review GFGP guidance documents

·     GFGP Policies, Procedures and Procedure Guidelines

·     Picking Right Tier of Standard

·     Pricing/ Subscription details

These documents can be obtained at the GGC webpage knowledge base

             1.3.         Purchase a copy of GFGP Standard


Web address

Cost (USD)





             1.4.         Buy Pre-Certification Assessment Credit

Order on the Portal and make payment, once invoiced and payment is received, account is loaded with the required assessment credits to enable you complete a pre-certification assessment for the purchased tier.

             1.5.         Complete the Pre-Certification Assessment

Complete the GFGP Pre-certification Assessment. This involves answering “Yes”, “In-progress”, “No” or N/A as appropriate and attaching available support documentation. Support documentation includes documented Policies, Processes and Procedures.

This assessment is done on the Global Grant Community Portal. On completing the assessment, you will get a score. This will help you identify the gaps in your policy documentation.

2.     Certification Stage

             2.1.         Engagement with a Licensed GFGP Certification Body (CB)

Once ready for certification, appoint and contract a licensed GFGP Certification Body; e.g. PwC, Crowe, BDO.


             2.2.         Undertaking the GFGP Audit

During Certification, the GFGP CB auditor will verify the documentation of the organization’s Policies, Processes and procedures as well as evidence of their implementation as required by the GFGP Standard at the targeted tier.

The outcome of this will be either Compliant or Non-Compliant.

In case of Non-compliance, the CB will discuss with the organization the areas of non-conformity, obtaining management comments and timelines for addressing the non-conformance.


             2.3.         Obtain GFGP Certificate

If the organization has demonstrated satisfactory compliance to the requirements of GFGP standard, the CB issues the GFGP Certificate


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