GFGP Certification Fees

GFGP Certification Fees

Each CB has got a standard range of certification fees charged to organizations. These fees have been agreed upon between the CB and the Scheme Owner (AAS). The average range of fees for different continents as per the different tiers is highlighted as per the below table. Once you have contacted your preferred Certification Body, you will be issued with  a quote.



United Kingdom


















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      1.     Pre-Certification Stage              1.1.          Registration Register your Organization on the GGC Portal  via or Log in if already registered via   ...
    • Once my organization has completed the pre-certification assessment, does it mean my organization will receive a GFGP certificate?

      No. Completing the pre-certification assessment is just the first stage towards certification. Once your organization has completed and submitted their assessment, the next stage involves engaging a certification body who will perform an audit to ...
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