Does GGC offer Grants

Does GGC offer Grants

The Global Grant Community (GGC) which is a platform of the African Academy of Sciences reduces the cost and time taken to connect major state and philanthropic funders with the world’s most trusted grant receivers, that have a proven track record of managing funding efficiently and effectively.

GGC does not offer any grants to organizations, but help improve financial systems of organizations through a standard and de-risk the due diligence process for both funders and grant receivers through a simplified and digitized platform. However, The African Academy of Sciences offers various opportunities that would be beneficial to your organization. These opportunities are available here: and for COVID-19 related funding .

The GGC can help improve your financial governance of grants through conducting the Pre-Certification assessment and make your organization trusted and subsequently more attractive to funders.
Here is a link describing more about GGC and how it can help your organization improve  its financial systems:
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