Difference between Legal & Administrating Entity

Difference between Legal & Administrating Entity

Administrating Entity; 

An administrating entity/unit is the entity or unit that manages grants. It refers to the organization/unit/sub-unit whose Policies, Processes and Procedures are used in their Grants Management.  

The administrating entity can be determined by, but not limited to, the following scenarios:  

a) In some organizations/institutions, the grants are managed centrally where policies, processes, procedures used across the whole organization are the same. In this case, the administrating entity is the same as the legal entity name of the organization e.g. Harvard University.

b) In other organizations/institutions, different institutes, programs, departments or faculties have and use different policies, processes, procedures that are distinct to each other. In this case, the legal entity is Harvard University while the administrating entity here would be Harvard University /Harvard Business School.

c) In other organizations/institutions, Policies, Processes and Procedures used could be drawn from the parent organization or from an intermediary through which their funds flow through. The administrating entity here would be University of Cape town/ African Climate and Development Initiative.

Legal Entity; 

Is an organization/institution that is registered legally, has legal obligations and rights to operate. It can be the same as the administrating entity